Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Terry & Nancy's Little Christmas Extra

All around this planet of ours, people gathered this year to watch the big 5-0. In living rooms and cinemas around the globe friends and relatives flocked together to bear witness to the biggest simultaneous TV broadcast of all time.

In So Cal, our Terry and our good friend Nancy (from the Happiness Patrol Podcast) met up for the 50th Anniversary showing, chatted to some of the fans immediately before the showing and recorded their thoughts afterwards. It's short, but fun, and we thought it'd make a perfect little festive bonus.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 67

Second part of our 50th thing. Finally we chink glasses over 'The Day of the Doctor'. Smith and Tennant, and the other bloke, giving it their all, with Zygons, and Timelords, and all that other Moffat stuff.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 66

It's the big 50! In a uncharacteristically speedy retort to the-week-that-was-solid-Who we flop out a slightly inebriated and over emotional review of 'Night or the Doctor', 'An Adventure in Space and Time', and whatever that thing was called that was like Doom on Gallifrey.

Half an hour of Sputters, Lightfoot, Fushia, and The Senmeister, talking bollocks and getting over excited. God help you. Big props to The Prof, as ever, for the edit, and the masterful intro on this one. A few small sound issues, but we're fixing it - promise.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 65

And so we get to the 'new' series Doctors in our ongoing effort to cover an episode from each of the Doctor's incarnations in this, the 50th year. This time around we get to the Eccleston and Piper episode, Fathers Day [2005].

The usual 4 whittier on for 30 minutes, speculatively nitpicking our way through assorted booze product placement. We get all nostalgic and chat Who fandom and what this stuff means to us and why we do this podcast malarky. A bit of a step back in time.

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50% recorded without trousers.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 64

So before they released the new mini-sodes we decided to do a one off kinda special on the 8th Doctor and Mr. Paul McGann.

In our usual style it's taken us a while to get this out between lives and other commitments, but we get there in the end, and we very much wanted to do something McGann related in our run up to the 50th and the bedlam that has become all things Whovian.

Big thanks to The Prof, our silent but awesome pet editor or awesomeness. Any feedback, come take the piss out of us off over at Facebook, on Twitter or over at Google Plus, where we share the bobbo we find around the web and we can track you back to where you live and where your kids play. If ya need it go check out the Dirty WHOers rating system or the Dirty WHOers drinking game.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Dimensions Interview Special

Back in late October, Fuschia and the Prof rocked up to Dimensions 2013 in Newcastle (their home town) for a weekend of Whovian shenanigans. They spoke to some jolly nice people, and this is the result.

It includes Terry's (very brief) interview with Daphne Ashbrook, and interviews with Matt Fitton (Big Finish writer), Philip Olivier (Big Finish companion and "off of" Brookside), Toby Hadoke, and Lisa Bowerman.

A bit of fun filler to keep your juices flowing while we cobble together those we've got in the can.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 63

Well, we all pretty much agreed on this one. This time around we cast a squiffy eye over the McCoy classic, as part of our attempt to do an episode for each Doctor in this the 50th year, 'Remembrance of the Daleks' [1988]. Actually, this was quite fun to do.

We've still got a few sound problems, as this was recorded at the same time as Mindwarp, but we're on the case and we'll sort it for the next one (probably).

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 62

Hola folks.

Well, here's our review of the classic series Colin Baker episode, Mindwarp [1987]. We 'pretty much' all agreed on this one. Pretty much. The usual bickering, etc. But pretty much.

We've been having recording problems of late, and a big thanks to The Prof for doing his best with these. We usually use Skype, but we tried a new system, which was good. Pretty much.

Unfortunately towards the end it goes a bit squeaky. Sorry, but we really couldn't be arsed re-recording this (Sputters liver would have never coped with it). We'll try and sort this, it's been a nightmare, we're on the case we promise.

Anyway. Enjoy ;)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 61

Beware, this one's got audio problems. We use Skype to record, and sometimes it (and the recording software we use) got 'out-of-sync'. We can't tell if it's doing this when we record (and it's doing it pretty badly on this one) and we really can't be arsed recording this stuff twice. Combined with Sputters still being pissed, it sometimes sounds like we're just talking over each over, which we are, admittedly, but not actually this bad. Sorry, but you'll have to bear with it or give this one a miss, screw it up into a ball, and toss it over a rainbow.

Anyway, finally our review of 'Name of the Doctor' [2013]. Enjoy as best you can.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 60

You're going to have to excuse Sputters on this one. This time around (as part of determined run at doing one for each Doctor this year) we take a look at the Davison classic, 'Planet of Fire' [1984]. We started a bit late though, and he'd been drinking for a while. Still, we muddled through.

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Bottoms up :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 59.1

A little something extra that didn't fit anywhere else. A quick 10 minute trans-Atlantic bickering session about the last season [2013] at the end of a long session of the usual podcasting. It's crap, but mercifully short.

If you have anything to say we'd love to hear it, over at Facebook, on Twitter or on Google Plus. Don't forget the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

Another full-length podcast coming soon :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 59

So, here we are again. Another week, and other sterling edit c/o The Prof. This time around we finally take a look at 'The Crimson Horror' and 'Nightmare in Silver' [2013].

We know. We know. It's long over due. Alas, we have lives. There are, however, important questions need answering: Why wasn't there more Jenny? Why 'Warwick' isn't pronounced like that. Why Strax is (or isn't) a turd in armour? Why wasn't there more Jenny? Why the children (just, why)? Is there any rationality to the continuity of crimson croissant poison? Cyber-cock, what the hell went wrong there then? Why wasn't there more Jenny? etc.

It's better than it sounds.*


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*not true.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 58

Finally we're sober enough to kick out another podcast. This time around it's our eager frothing review of the 1975 Big Tom classic, Terror of the Zygons, as part of our disorderly efforts to nail an episode of each Doctor in this the 50th year.

It's all no-frills Tam O'Shanter's and Crossroads. Oolon (maybe) peeing in a bottle, hand puppet monsters, the highland gas industry, porridge (sugar and milk, or salt and austerity) and the usual debauchery. Ahh well, it's free, and you get what ya pay for.

A big thanks, as ever, to The (loverly and cuddly) Prof for the pig's-ear-to-purse edit and, if you need it, don't forget the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game gubbins.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 57

Hey folks.

Another week of Who, another podcast. We're kicking them out, in this the anniversary year. Don't worry, it won't last.

This time we engage in (occasionally heated) debate at two episodes out of the new series, 'Hide' and 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS  [2013] (watch out for the very special rant about the Eye of Harmony). With undertones of Scooby Do and with a run-around the TARDIS on the cards, we always knew this was going to be a shouty one - and we knew Sen would have plenty to say :)

This one has been out for a few days already on iTunes (and via the RSS feed). If you want to get these ramblings before other peeps, please subscribe.
A big thanks  as ever, to The Prof for banging out such a quick edit, and (if it confuses you as much as it confuses Terry) we've now put the Dirty WHOers rating system online (as well as the obligatory Dirty WHOers drinking game).

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Come say 'ello, and cheers again for putting up with us. It's like care in the community.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Some thoughts on Doctor Who fans calling other fans "negative."

This season I keep reading fan's posts labeling other fans as "negative" because they didn't like a story or even this season. These "negative" nay-sayers have dared to be honest and critical.

Does that mean they don't like Doctor Who?

   Yeah, I wanted to like this week's story, "Nightmare in Silver," I really did(me and Neil Gaiman have a thing, he just doesn't know about it and that’s the way we like it.) But there was a lot that let me down, didn't grip me and annoyed me. Even simply the way the characters were behaving was somehow off to me. I don't want to get into it(off topic, believe it or not), but this was my gut feeling as it finished. Before it started, I had built it up to two friends who were there watching along with me. Afterwards, they asked if I had enjoyed it. I said "meh". Immediately the floodgates opened and they jumped in with "Oh good, because we thought it didn't compare to other good Doctor Who stories, but we didn't want to offend you." It's so sweet they didn't want to offend my fanatical Whovian sensibilities, but I can take it. They then proceeded to rake it over the coals, beyond my own personal objections to the story.

   Hey, say what you like. You are free to express yourself. If you don't like something I like, that's alright. Some people don't like chocolate(WHAT!?). Does that make them "negative"? The only negativity present is when people try to deny others the right to 'not like' a certain story and voice their opinions(This works for life in general). The irony is that they use the word "negative" to somehow discourage, disparage, or censor the people that disagree with their positive experience of the story. Voicing a preference in any direction, positive or negative, should not be labeled a negative act. It may be a negative reaction or opinion, but the person is not being negative. 'Negative' is not allowing others to express another opinion, or thinking their differing opinion somehow lessens yours.  He/she is sharing a preference and this is a constructive act, a positive act, an act of trust in others to listen with respect, regardless of any personal views. Additional viewpoints strengthen everyone. Your views don't invalidate my thoughts on the subject and vice-versa. This sharing of opinions is what makes a community strong, open, and intelligent. The TARDIS goes anywhere in Space and Time and so can our minds.

   Also, having a bit of humor in your heart helps when someone tells you 'Love and Monsters' is one of their favorite Doctor Who stories(WHAT?!).

Seriously, WTF?

     ~ Terry Lightfoot. ;-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 56

Roll up. Roll up. See the wastrels review another episode. Be amazed as they pay homage to the Pertwee era. Marvel as they talk about 'Carnival of Monsters' [1973]. Witness them slur their vowels and forget what they were talking about...

Once again we gather together in the customs room of fate (thanks to The Profs editing) to froth on about lighting farts, Gallifreyan bureaucracy, sweaty plastic hats, the spy skills of Katy Manning and fist fighting with Harry, pen toppers that eat space ships, missing UNIT family members, f'words while filming or it's for keeps, the subtle social messages of Robert Holmes, flappy bald things, nail clippers up the ass, and some stuff about Doctor Who.

Are we boring when we agree? Mercifully, it's very short. Remember, If y'need it, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system, and the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

This is therapy. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 55

First of the new season. Here we go. 3 in one. Bosh!

'Bells of St. John', 'The Rings of Akhaten' (however the hell you pronounce it), and 'Cold War'. A mixed bag of ratings, from the usual crew.

We chew the fat about Girl Scout cookies, Lacertilia body armour, Unicode router addresses, audience participation singing, grandfatherly v's stalkerish behaviour (the Worthers Original effect), episode order, assorted Brit actors (and their potential Gallifreyaness), the merits of the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, America's (not) got talent, fictional overhead compartments, crackling Crocodylidae energy, the cantina scene from Star Wars, and occasional mention of Doctor Who.

Thanks (as ever) to The Prof, and to Scott from FANWANK for the fun custom intro - and hey, if you wanna do an into for the podcast, just let us know. We have no shame :)

Don't forget to check out the Dirty WHOers rating system, and our podcast drinking game.

New series viewer? Did you get lost with the nostalgia in these episodes? El Presidente Senmondo wants to know, so have your say over on Facebook or Google Plus.

As ever, you lovely deranged creatures, a very big thank you for punishing your ears with our bollocks.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 54

Once upon a time there were 4 podcasters...

Here we are again, this time taking a gander at one of Troughton's few remaining episodes, 'The Mind Robber' [1968]. Brace your self.

The sounds a bit dodgey on this one in places. Thanks Prof for doing the usual tricky edit.

This time around we discuss the difference in odor between canine and feline guano. The ignorance of certain podcasters as to the intricacies of the Start Trek universe. The knees and underwear of the Scottish. Killer soundscapes. Age restrictions on the possession of a glittery purple derriere. Terry's mute button skills. All the usual bollocks.

Plus, Sen totally goes off on one (in the best way possible). Which is always awesome.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini-review of the Matt Smith monologue from The Rings of Akhaten with bonus rant.

This is what I thought of Matt Smith's monologue
from The Rings of Akhaten:

...And before anyone starts, NO I don't hate Doctor Who. I simply did not like that scene. I'm a whovian. Not a born again. I can 'not like' some stories or scenes in Doctor Who, or even certain Doctors. It's OK. I've noticed some conversations on the internet saying there are whovians that hate Doctor Who just because they didn't like this episode. WHAT?
Are we really that intolerant of other opinions? I mean, I like to joke and give my friends a hard time when they like 'Love and Monsters' or Adric(seriously, what?), but I don't think they hate Doctor Who because of it. Sheesh, people. That's a pretty big leap in logic.
   So don't freak out when I say..
It's a TV show. Get some perspective. There are people dying in the real world because of real monsters. Human, mostly..

Oh, see... now I've ranted all over myself.

    ~Terry Lightfoot

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Dirty WHOers Ratings System Explained

I've been tasked with writing about our ratings system as punishment for always forgetting it every time I'm supposed to rate something. Give me a break! We record one podcast a month. That's like centuries to my brain, with the memory capacity of an IBM 450 from back in the day. Rassilon's Beard! My brain's seriously damaged due to.. well, never mind that.

Oh, sorry, forgot I was supposed to be going over our rating system.
Right, then.

Our system is based on 1970's prostitutes or gigolos. If you're old enough think of 'Baretta' or 'Starsky and Hutch, or if your too young for that just think nasty cheap sex for hire that comes to your car window when you drive by on Hollywood Blvd. I watch movies and cop shows. I know all about this. I actually drove down Hollywood Blvd. in the 70's.
I was so scared!

A Free BJ ~ The lowest of the low rating:
According to everyone in the Whovian world "Time Lash" would be a free BJ. But I say that's hi art compared to "Time and the Rani," where there's a Melanie Bush AND there's the Rani dressed up as Melanie Bush, which necessitates a vomit bowl nearby. Frankly, I wouldn't EVEN give it a free BJ because I don't want to get close to that b*tch. No, Thanks. She's clearly severely disease ridden. Keep in mind one speaks metaphorically of the story, not the actors/actresses. Usually.

Moving on from the horror...

A $5 whore:
This is a healthier specimen, one that is barely tolerable to look at, but put a bag over the gigolo/prostitute's head and the body's allright. So for me, this might be, hmm..., "Fear Her," or "Love and Monsters." There's a plot somewhere and it's stupid. You can watch it, but you'd rather not ever lay eyes on that paving stone again.
*shivers* Ughh.

Continuing on with this rancid metaphor of a rating system..

The $10 whore:
They're not painful to look at, maybe a bit plain, but they know some tricks that make up for it and take you where you want to go. You wouldn't mind watching this story again if you had to. There are some good bits and scenes that make up for some of the weak acting and poor plotting.

This brings us to the $20 Whore:
Wow, this one's got looks and a nice ride that takes you to where you were hoping to end up, deliciously satisfied. You will gladly watch this one again and again. A great value for the price and the plot wasn't too predictable, including a happy ending.

Finally, the $50 whore:
The prostitute/gigolo is amazingly hot and gorgeous. They provide a mind blowing sexual trip that leaves you dazed and thinking you just had a conversation with the Universe through your crotch. But you didn't. You just watched "Blink" or "The Pyramids of Mars" for the first time. Bliss is yours. You want to watch this over and over and over again.
It will never get old.

All of these ratings can be embellished by adding imaginative tips, if you feel they require something more. These tips can consist of cash, fare for the ride home, or you shell out some dough for a new outfit. Or maybe you had such a good time you make/buy her/him a nice breakfast. Maybe you promise to keep her as a mistress, paying off her pimp and putting her up in a condo so you can visit her again and again. Or you fucking marry that prostitute/gigolo saving them from a life of sin and make them your one and only("The Doctor's Wife," or "Genesis of the Daleks").

And I'm spent.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 53

Hola fellow Whovians. Here again? Did you not learn the error of your ways last time?

Reaching back into the Hartnell era this time around we take cast a bleary eye over the series 2 classic 'The Web Planet' [1965]. A mixed response on this one, with Lightfoot agreeing with Sputnik and Sen agreeing with Fuschia - which always makes for a lot of shouting, unrepressed bigotry, and generally swearing at each other...

One big ass incoherent review of Gallifrey 2013, a discussion on 60's Alzheimer's medication, debate regarding the miming abilities and flight capacity of Vespiforms, interruptions,  piss-taking, all the usual. A big thanks to the Prof. for another miracle edit.

Pour a very large one. You're going to need it. If you're drinking Tequila, do the worm.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 52

The usual 4 reprobates (Sputters has still got his porn-star voice - so we'd like to apologise if anyone of a nervous disposition feints away) review the Big Tom classic 'The Power of Kroll' [1979].

Terry Wogan accents, the sizzling hotness of Romana I, pink rods in big squids, big shout-outs, remembering tree protesters, the madness of Big Tom, and all the usual tipsy fluff.

Don't forget to give the Dirty WHOers Drinking Game a punt, plus remember we're also on Facebook, 'n Google Plus, n shit.


My favorite 3rd Doctor Stories

My favorite 3rd Doctor stories, fast and furious and in no particular order.
..Because +Brian Morris over on G+ asked for a recommendation for watching Jon Pertwee's Doctor, so here's my list. ~ Terry Lightfoot

Let's see..
Well, you can't go wrong with Spearhead from Space, Pertwee's first story. Autons, a skeptical Liz Shaw and a regenerated Doctor(a mysterious unknown for a few min). Gurning ensues.

The first Silurian story is a good one, because.. Silurians. (Doctor Who and the Silurians) He still doesn't quite get on with the Brig and the ending is a shocker. Seriously, it's harsh and makes a dark statement.
Bad Liz Shaw

Inferno is fun. Alternate universe where good guys are bad. Eye patch Brig. Sexy bad Liz. Pseudo Zombies. It's all win.

Oh, right! Terror of the Autons. The second Auton Story, here because it introduces the Master and Jo, and a great death scene with a chair. Unforgettable in fact. Ew.. AND an icky creepy doll. Yuck. Oh, and a dapper Time Lord messenger. And then, other things happen. Daffodils.

OOOH. Almost forgot: 
The Three Doctors. Why? TWO Doctors(come on, the other is on a TV for about 5 minutes. Ok? Whatever.) It's really the two. And the Pertwee-Troughton dynamic is a thing of beauty. AND The ultimate Time Lord: OMEGAAA!!! His story is awesome. Oh, AND Benton is unimpressed.

The Green Death - a fairly solid story, a handsome scientist is in it(Mmm), GIGANTIC MAGGOTS, Jo says goodbye to the Doctor and his feelings for her break your heart. He loved her. Lots. The first Rose, without all that running mascara and, here, she dumps him. WHAT!?

Ok, one of my real Pertwee favorites is Time Warrior. I just like it because Sarah's in Doctor Who for the first time, being a skeptic and causing trouble in a good way. She's all: I don't care if you are a "Time lord", how do I know you aren't a bad dude? Etc.. Oh, and one of my favorite monsters: Sontarans. Asshole Sontarans, not funny Sontarans. 

And .. Planet of the Spiders. 
Some people don't like it, because it's a bit long. Personally I find it highly entertaining with twists and lots of scenery and character variety. Giant freaking spiders, all right? Ok, ok.. Medium large freaking spiders. Still, fantastic. Effects on those are BAD but use your cgi imagination and it's awesome. 
Chanting, dimensional travel, and pseudo-Buddhism or something. Another Time Lord shows up. Cool, right? ..AND it's the last Pertwee story with all the drama that entails. "A tear, Sarah Jane?"

And there's more, but I think
this is a good selection
to start with and fall in
love with Jon Pertwee

Look at this guy.
He was in love with playing
a heroic part for the first time in
his life and he played it to the hilt.

Fuck yeah, Jon Pertwee!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 51

Finally, at last, another podcast (cheers Prof).

Roll up, roll up, laugh at the sore throated Sputters.

This time around we dive headlong into the 2012 Christmas special, 'The Snowmen'. Lots of chat about the new console room, lots, obviously, really, lots... anyway. It's long overdue so pour some egg-nog, crack open the Dirty WHOers Drinking Game, and head with us back down memory lane. Companions, ice maidens, titles and music, the sexuality of Who fans, 50th anniversary supposition, etc.

Don't forget we're also on Facebook, Google Plus, n shit.

It takes one to snow one.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 50

First episode of 2013, and it's our 50th episode to start the 50th year of Doctor Who. Lets not make a big deal of it, it's a pure fluke. We're casually dedicating this one to Sir Patrick Moore.

This time around, more cats. We cast a bleary and critical eye over Piper and Tennants 2006 episode, 'New Earth'. Opinions as mixed as the colours of a futuristic I.V. bag. We discuss Bow Kind, new TARDIS ints., the strengths and failings of the RTD era and why he 'wrote this for Billy', little shops, the correct use of the word 'Chav' and it's appeal to the average UK prole, the understanding nature of spouses, intravenous solutions working entropically, and other stuff too tedious to mention.

Sound's a bit iffy in places, such is the nature of using Skype, but knock y'self out. Cheers again to The Profmeister. Moisturise me.

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