Friday, May 3, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 56

Roll up. Roll up. See the wastrels review another episode. Be amazed as they pay homage to the Pertwee era. Marvel as they talk about 'Carnival of Monsters' [1973]. Witness them slur their vowels and forget what they were talking about...

Once again we gather together in the customs room of fate (thanks to The Profs editing) to froth on about lighting farts, Gallifreyan bureaucracy, sweaty plastic hats, the spy skills of Katy Manning and fist fighting with Harry, pen toppers that eat space ships, missing UNIT family members, f'words while filming or it's for keeps, the subtle social messages of Robert Holmes, flappy bald things, nail clippers up the ass, and some stuff about Doctor Who.

Are we boring when we agree? Mercifully, it's very short. Remember, If y'need it, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system, and the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

This is therapy. Thanks for listening.


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