Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 77

We've a shed loads of these waiting to edit now, but this trip around we mumble our way through 'Robot of Sherwood' [2014] (yes, that one) c/o the reluctant editing skills of Lightfoot and Sputters.

A lot of fluff and meandering in this one. Such is life. Prepare y'self for some strong opposed opinions and fair chunk of bitching about bugger all. Basically, right 'on brand' for us. Beware the annoying sound of Sputters rocks.

Big thanks also to Saint Xtofer (who'll be joining us for one of these soon - it's sat waiting for us to edit - sorry bud, nearly there) for his sterling work over on BookFace. and to Terry for her work over at Goober Plus. If you actually do care how the rating system works, good luck with that. Don't forget the drinking game and, if you're so inclined, we're also venting our spleen on Twatter.

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