Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dimensions Interview Special 2012

Back in November Fuschia and The Prof went out into the mundy, stalking Big Finish ladies at Dimensions on Tyne.

The lovely Jacqueline (Supreme Commander of the Terran Federation) Pearce (Sputters is a bit jealous), the beautiful and charming Beth Chalmers, and the splendid Chase (Leeta the sexy Bajoran) Masterson.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spot on caricature of the second Doctor by Erich Owen

A spot on caricature of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, by ~Erich0823(Erich Owen). Please visit his page over at DeviantArt and see his other Doctor Who and comic related work. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 49

It's a beast (which is somewhat appropriate). It's the closest thing we're gonna get to a Crimbo episode (cue jingle bells intro).

At just over an hour it breaks all our rules about 'keep it short' and 'never work with animals or children'.

We slur our way through the usual stuff. This time we put out some milk for 'Survival' [1989], last of the old school Whos, plus we've an interview with Will Barton (Midge) who brought along Lawry Lewin (Rossiter, from the End of Time). We did this one with the chaps from Pharos Project way back at Whooverville 4 earlier this year (what were thay thinking putting them and Sputters on the same panel).

Big thanks to The Prof, who's been poorly, for cobbling this kitten together.

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