Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curse of the Black Spot Prequel

The prequel for the Doctor's next adventure, 'Curse of the Black Spot':

And here are two trailers/ teasers for that same adventure:

Our thanks to DoctorWhoTv for making these videos available on YouTube.

If you want further spoilage read on for the BBC synopsis to the story:

The TARDIS is marooned onboard a 17th-century pirate ship whose crew is being attacked by a mysterious and beautiful sea creature, as the time-travelling drama continues.
Becalmed and beset by cabin fever, the pirates have numerous superstitious explanations for the Siren's appearance. The Doctor has other ideas but, as his theories are disproved and every plan of escape is thwarted, he must work to win the trust of the implacable Captain Avery and uncover the truth behind the pirates' supernatural fears – and he must work quickly, for some of his friends have already fallen under the Siren's spell...
Pirates are cool...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Naked Matt Smith Painting. No..Not Really.

Almost! If it weren't for that red capey thing. D'oh!

Another very nice bit of Doctor Who art. I love that the last couple of series have featured actual paintings. This is the painting that Matilda was working on in "The Impossible Astronaut", the Doctor Who season 6 opener. Titled "My Mysterious Doctor", get it at WHONA for only 14.95. What a steal.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abnormal Service Will Resume, Er, Sometime. We Think

Like the cast and crew of Doctor Who this week, part of our illustrious team is in the States. And I don't mean the usual two.

Sputters has abandoned us for a fortnight and apparently there aren't any TVs in the State of Colorado (poor souls), so we're not exactly certain when we'll be recording our usual drivel, um, carefully considered opinions for your delectation and delight.

But fear not, our carefully hand-crafted service should resume at some point. If you're really, really naughty. Until then, SPOILERS!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 25

A very sad week for Doctor Who.

This time around we slur our way through our review of Blink [2007]. We've cut this edit short, our trade-mark flippancy just didn't seem funny given the news this week, and in the hope of getting it our before the new season starts.

Please listen all the way to the end.

This is one of the LOST DirtyWHOers Episodes but is available for download from our Dropbox archive HERE.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Farewell, Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen 1948 - 2011

My first memories of Dr Who are of Sarah Jane Smith. Technically, I shouldn't be able to remember that much about her pairing with Tom Baker as I was only four at the time, but it left a lasting impression; she was beautiful, adventurous and out there doing really cool things. Even going back now (allowing for the somewhat erratic writing the character suffered from) she was, on the whole, very much the liberated young woman making her own way in the worlds. Her rapport with Baker was obvious and her performance always committed, no matter what ludicrous fashion or story she had to suffer (oh, the Andy Pandy suit and that yellow so'wester). My young, inquisitive mind couldn't have asked for a better role model.

I was very sad when she left to be replaced by Leela; Leela was even more liberated in many ways, but she wasn't Sarah Jane and I stopped watching not long after that. When Sarah Jane's return was announced for New Who, I was thrilled if apprehensive; would the character be handled in the way I remembered her? As anyone who listens to the podcast knows, "School Reunion" is my favourite New Who and with very good reason. Not only was Lis Sladen still gorgeous, but Sarah Jane was still doing what she always did. The story also addressed some very adult issues in a show that was teetering on the brink of descending into nothing more than teenaged angst and farting aliens. The look on Sarah Jane's face when she sees the TARDIS again after all those years had my heart in my mouth, it was so beautifully done. I'd also argue that its Tennant's finest performance as the Doctor, with genuine joy at seeing his old companion again, utter bewilderment at her anger and cold, calm control when dealing with Mr Finch. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time Tennant growls "I used to have so much mercy".

Even better, we got a spin-off series, the Sarah Jane Adventures; Touchwood may have claimed to be the adult show, but SJA was really dealing with mature themes, such as loss and separation, in a well balanced and rarely mawkish manner. The reappearance of the Doctors 10 & 11 and the Brigadier made it even more special; this was a series carefully pitched to fans both new and old. Okay, the Slitheen appeared a few times too many, but that was the only serious problem with it. Having been unable to stomach more than three Touchwoods, I avidly watched all of the SJAs. After Matt Smith's appearance on the show, I was so looking forward to more team-ups between the Doctor and his best companion. Sarah Jane just seemed to bring out the real Doctor in the Doctor; my Doctor, in fact, the one who had kept me coming back after all these years to share his adventures.

So it was with huge sadness that I read Nicola Bryant's post on Twitter this evening announcing Lis Sladen's death. I'd always hoped at some point that I might get the chance to interview her, although I suspect I would have been star-struck and bibbling (much in the same way that Oolon was when he met Katie Manning). Nicholas Courtney's death was very sad, but he was so frail when we met him last year that it wasn't too much of a surprise. But this was a complete shock, made worse by the fact that she really wasn't very old at all. At the time of writing, the details are very sketchy; I'm sure more will come out over the next few days, but it won't alter the fact that we as Dr Who fans have lost two very special actors this year who formed a very large chunk of our childhoods, who inspired our dreams and our imaginations. Thank you, Sarah Jane, for letting this little four year old know that girls could do what ever they wanted, and thank you Lis Sladen for giving the character so much heart and grace.

Goodbye, my Sarah Jane Smith.

(Art by Steve Caldwell, possibly one of his finest Dr Who prints)

Sarah Jane Tribute

Elisabeth Sladen has passed away. I can't express what I feel right now. It's too much for words, but I am thankful she was here.

We love you Elisabeth and Sarah.

‎"Sarah Jane Smith was everybody's hero when I was younger, and as brave and funny and brilliant as people only ever are in stories. But many years later, when I met the real Sarah Jane - Lis Sladen herself - she was exactly as any child ever have wanted her to be. Kind and gentle and clever; and a ferociously talented actress, of course, but in that perfectly English unassuming way." -Steven Moffat


Friday, April 15, 2011

New Doctor Who Radio Trailers PLUS a Scene - Are We Scared Yet?

Radio Silence: Trailers 1 and 2:
The BBC has put out scary new radio trailers for the Impossible Astronaut. I'm a total scaredy cat and these give me goosebumps. I'm sure these would give my two little nephews nightmares for a lifetime:

But what the heck is that monster voice saying? The first word almost sounds like "five", but it's not. The rest is incoherent to me. Any thoughts?

I'm so happy Doctor Who is almost here. yay.

Oh wait! 
One LAST total SPOILER of a Impossible Astronaut preview clip. DO NOT WATCH if you don't want spoilers. It's a whole scene.

All three of these videos are via StetsonsAreCool, on YouTube.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doctor WHO Ketchup

Just to catchup with a bunch of "news", all at once. Relatively Newest news first. Then the 'Not Really News Anymore News' last. We're lazy time travellers here and the temporal mechanics of life can occasionally make it tough to blog.
Frankly, I'm not sure this is news at all as much as BBC PR. In any case, there are some spoilers and trailers and lastly, the red nose charity episodes, in case there's anyone left on the planet that's not seen them. I just thought, I should post them, for the record(It is canon, now, after all).
Let's see...

Ooooh! SHINY: From the BBC Doctor Who website, fun desktop wallpaper images, promo pics, etc.

Not really a spoiler: The BBC Doctor Who website also features a brief Steven Moffat interview: 'All Aboard the Ghost Train!'. The interview doesn't spoil much. Mostly teases the hell out of it, making you want to go find spoilers.

Not sure this really counts as a spoiler? An Extended Trailer:

and another shorter trailer featuring a large blue alien with a definitely villainous laugh(Doctor Who Series 6 CBBC Trailer):

Some Spoilery stuff: ...Nah, don't watch this if you don't want spoilers. Move down a couple items. 
It's not terribly spoilery but there are some short clips from the upcoming series, coupled with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan interviews about filming the season.

Spoilery story summaries: BBC Doctor Who website features a story synopsis for the first and second episodes of the series, 'The Impossible Astronaut' and 'Day of the Moon'. Click on that BBC link to go there directly and spoil yourself. Ahem.

..And now for the 'Not Really News Anymore News':  The Red Nose Day Episode!
Red Nose day, as Comic Relief is sometimes referred to, is a traditional(sorta) British charity event. Lots of silly comedic skits, sketches, and shows, etc., to raise funds to help relieve famine in Africa. There is usually a Doctor Who segment included. And here is this year's Comic Relief episode, a two parter:


Doctor Who Ketchup. Shoot. Now I'm craving fries.

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