Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 62

Hola folks.

Well, here's our review of the classic series Colin Baker episode, Mindwarp [1987]. We 'pretty much' all agreed on this one. Pretty much. The usual bickering, etc. But pretty much.

We've been having recording problems of late, and a big thanks to The Prof for doing his best with these. We usually use Skype, but we tried a new system, which was good. Pretty much.

Unfortunately towards the end it goes a bit squeaky. Sorry, but we really couldn't be arsed re-recording this (Sputters liver would have never coped with it). We'll try and sort this, it's been a nightmare, we're on the case we promise.

Anyway. Enjoy ;)


JB Anderton October 22, 2013 at 4:42 PM  

I'd have to say that I'm two minutes in, and everyone sounds so clear using the new software. It's like the podcast has been VIDFired. Sounding good so far. Now to hear what you thought about "Mindwarp", which is probably my favorite of the Trial episodes if not of Colin Baker's era. I'll explain why in a bit.

JB Anderton October 23, 2013 at 1:11 AM  

Things I liked about "Mindwarp"

1) The incidental music by Richard Hartley (his only contribution to the series, I believe) keeps the mood very tense throughout the story (aside from the sitar bits).

2) Crozier finishing his tea before doing CPR on Kiv is pretty bad ass.

3) On first viewing, I was genuinely shocked when the Time Lords pulled the Doctor out just as he was on his way to save Peri.

4) I first saw this as an omnibus edition (all four episodes edited together into one story), and it was on the evening after a girl I was crushing on at the time got in a serious car accident. I was already in a fragile state when they killed off Peri at the end of the story. Will never forget that sucker punch of an ending. (The girl came out of her accident okay, btw).

5) The Doctor using his knowledge of future events to influence commerce.

6) The recycling of the Terileptil mask.

7) The appearance of the actor who would later play Martha's dad.

8) They changed Sil's coloring so that he doesn't look like Mr. Hankey (although I will say Sil is very annoying at almost Jar Jar levels in this story).

9) Dorf was a much more convincing werewolf than the CGI atrocity in "Tooth and Claw". Hell, even Mags in "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" is better than the Tooth & Claw werewolf.

10) Nicola Bryant's performance as Lord Kiv (she no longer had to use that bad American accent).

To sum up, $20 and she can keep the bald cap on.

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