Monday, July 8, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 58

Finally we're sober enough to kick out another podcast. This time around it's our eager frothing review of the 1975 Big Tom classic, Terror of the Zygons, as part of our disorderly efforts to nail an episode of each Doctor in this the 50th year.

It's all no-frills Tam O'Shanter's and Crossroads. Oolon (maybe) peeing in a bottle, hand puppet monsters, the highland gas industry, porridge (sugar and milk, or salt and austerity) and the usual debauchery. Ahh well, it's free, and you get what ya pay for.

A big thanks, as ever, to The (loverly and cuddly) Prof for the pig's-ear-to-purse edit and, if you need it, don't forget the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game gubbins.

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