Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dirty Whoers Podcast - Episode 98

Bonjour frère Docteur Qui fanso.

Here we are again, rapidly approaching 100 episodes of this rambling bobbo.

This time we’re going back to the Season 17 banger, 'City of Death' [1979]. Notoriously a Top 10 fan-classic, it came after Destiny of the Daleks and before Creature from the Pit and the final episode has the dubious distinction to be the single most-watched episode of Doctor Who, at broadcast, ever, in part due to the strike that took ITV off the air on that particular Saturday. Big Tom and Lala, skipping around the streets of Paris on a weekend jolly, with wobbly one-eyed aliens and Douglas Adam dialogue. Produced by Graham Williams, with cameos from John Cleese, Elenore Bron, and performances from luminaries like Julien Glover, the lovely Catherine Schell, Kevin Flood, and Tom Chadbon as the irrepressible "Duggan"! – arguably the greatest companion who never was.

Spoilers ahead, folks, but if you haven’t watched a top 10 episode that came out 40 odd years ago you probably need to have a fuckin’ word with y’self. Check it out before you check the podcast out, if you really must. You must know the rating system and the drinking game by now, so we can probably stop linking to them. It's been over a decade FFS.

Keep safe, and remember: Podcasting is cheaper than therapy.

The Dirty WHOers.

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