Friday, March 29, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 53

Hola fellow Whovians. Here again? Did you not learn the error of your ways last time?

Reaching back into the Hartnell era this time around we take cast a bleary eye over the series 2 classic 'The Web Planet' [1965]. A mixed response on this one, with Lightfoot agreeing with Sputnik and Sen agreeing with Fuschia - which always makes for a lot of shouting, unrepressed bigotry, and generally swearing at each other...

One big ass incoherent review of Gallifrey 2013, a discussion on 60's Alzheimer's medication, debate regarding the miming abilities and flight capacity of Vespiforms, interruptions,  piss-taking, all the usual. A big thanks to the Prof. for another miracle edit.

Pour a very large one. You're going to need it. If you're drinking Tequila, do the worm.


Ministry Minion April 2, 2013 at 1:17 PM  

Guys, problem here... I feel like giving Terry more money to make sure she goes to more conventions, because that kind of summary actually made me laugh out loud. Which I don't really do. Pretty much like giving money to people.
That or I have to go myself...

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