Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 68

The Christmas episode reviewed, with brandy sauce and gravy. And it's a big one.

Indian giving 50th ratings, seeing other podcasts (who want's Sen and Sputters, we dare you!), sub-groups of religious do-dahs, the Powell Estate, Seal of the High Council, shagging the ultimate nun, follicle continuity, the pain of Hurt over Mr. McGann, numerical life cycles, who's on third?, chocolate cybermen (and sex toys), accuracy of juvenile hair colouring, Valliard mathematics, PROPER change, the opinions of Sputters wife re: Clara, Moffs retconing thang, the value of indi. script editors, the bullshit/K-9dom of Handles, and a load of other pointless arguing.

Big thanks to The Prof, as ever, for his ongoing awesomeness. Big thanks to everyone who listens to this slurring tosh.

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Now go and wash your ears out with soap and water, and avoid eating soya products if you don't want moobs.

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