Friday, April 17, 2020

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 85

Howdy folks.

Well, it's been a while - and ain't the world gone mental. It seemed a perfect time, while we're bouncing around our respected houses, watching old episodes and grazing from the fridge, to flop out a podcast. What could be more perfect for a Covid-19 special than The Invisible Enemy [1977]?

Don't worry, it's mercifully short.

There's no Fuschia for this one, so we've drafted in St. Xtofer to help out and add a thin veneer of respectability.

If you're as confused as we are, take a look at the Dirty WHOers rating system. As we're all in lockdown and outside regular drinking hours you may also need the Dirty WHOers drinking game to get you through.

Not seen this episode? Check it out HERE.

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Wanna check out our previous podcasts? No worries, you can do that for most of them HERE on the blog. Will we do more? Very possibly - but only time will tell.


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