Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 78

Finally we're getting around to our review of the Steven Moffat/Douglas Mackinnon offering, 'Listen' [2014].

We recorded this way back when it first came out but lives have got in the way of editing of late so you'll have to bear with us. On reflection, some of our ideas about future episodes may have been a bit wayward, but sod it.

Labelled as "possibly Moffat's most terrifying episode to date", we take a shufty at the unfortunate tent shape in the bed, toy soldiers and all things Gallifeyan.

Terrance and Sputters on the edit this time around. Cheers peeps. Stirling work. Also, big thanks to our wandering hermit Saint Xtofer who's doing a stirling job helping us with things on Facebook (and so, indirectly, on Twitter and on Google Plus). Remember, if you're so inclined, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game for shits and giggles.

Did we mention electricity vodka?


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