Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 44

Morning all.

To start off with, this episode should be listened to in conjunction with The Dirty WHOers Drinking Game. Accept no substitute.

This time we look at another Davidson, for our sins, and cast a bloodshot eye over 'Black Orchid'. The last of the pure historical plots, it's double the Nyssa, double the fun. Cricket, fancy dress, Dame Agatha, Adric's eating habits, and all things Brideshead Revisited.

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Dirty WHOers Drinking Game

Hola Whoovian peeps.

Right, so, grab a drink (we suggest tequila shots) and load up any of our podcasts. Then give this a go:

Sputters refers to either MILFs or to masturbating - drink.
Sen or Sputters talk about their childhood - drink.
Sen goes off on one about anything to do with the TARDIS - drink.
A family pet interrupts the podcast - 2 drinks.
Sputters mentions Pertwee, Bessie or Jo Grant - drink.
Sputters impersonates Sen - drink.
Sen impersonates Sputters - 2 drinks.
Sen disses RTD - drink.
Anyone disses Tennant - drink.
Terry forgets what she's talking about - drink.
Terry forgets the rating system - drink.
Terry says fuck, mierda, estúpido or any variation thereof - drink.
Fuschia tuts or sighs - drink.
Fuschia name drops - drink.
Fuschia lays the hate down on McCoy - drink.
Fuschia says "The fact is..." - drink.
You hear a bottle opening, pouring, glasses, or ice chinking - 2 drinks.
There's a Krap Dalek sketch/joke - drink.
The Prof is mentioned - drink.
You get name-checked - 3 drinks.
Someone says: Wanker, Plonker or Bollocks - drink.
We mention Second Life, or one of our Second Life buddies - drink.
We mention another podcast, or someone from another Who podcast - drink.


Tabby has "A bit of thing" for someone - drink.
Tabby mentions Shakespeare, J. K. Rowling, Charlotte Brontë or Jane Austen - drink.

Addendum: Thanks Vicky!:

Sputters disses Davison: drink.
Terry swoons over McGann: drink.
Sen mentions the never-realised-80s-TimeAgents-plotline: 2 drinks.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 43

We'd like to dedicate this episode to the loverly Caroline John, who sadly recently passed away.

Long overdue, it's time for our review of The Five Doctors [1983]. A mixed opinion from the usual team of Yanks and Limeys, but probably the single most quotable Who episode ever. A veritable  shmorgers board of Who from the Davidson era way back to (sort of) Hartnell.

We talk trials and tributes, inoculations, Vimto, value, Raston Robots, tripping over, and the madness of Big Tom. Kudos and props to The Prof, as ever, for his usual masterful turd polishing.

It's free, and thankfully mercifully short.

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