Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 65

And so we get to the 'new' series Doctors in our ongoing effort to cover an episode from each of the Doctor's incarnations in this, the 50th year. This time around we get to the Eccleston and Piper episode, Fathers Day [2005].

The usual 4 whittier on for 30 minutes, speculatively nitpicking our way through assorted booze product placement. We get all nostalgic and chat Who fandom and what this stuff means to us and why we do this podcast malarky. A bit of a step back in time.

Massive thanks to Uncle Prof. for the usual editing assistance. Any feedback, come share your thoughts over at Facebook, on Twitter or over at Google Plus, where we share the bobbo we find around the web and we can track you back to where you live and where your kids play. If ya need it go check out the Dirty WHOers rating system or the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

50% recorded without trousers.


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