Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 57

Hey folks.

Another week of Who, another podcast. We're kicking them out, in this the anniversary year. Don't worry, it won't last.

This time we engage in (occasionally heated) debate at two episodes out of the new series, 'Hide' and 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS  [2013] (watch out for the very special rant about the Eye of Harmony). With undertones of Scooby Do and with a run-around the TARDIS on the cards, we always knew this was going to be a shouty one - and we knew Sen would have plenty to say :)

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A big thanks  as ever, to The Prof for banging out such a quick edit, and (if it confuses you as much as it confuses Terry) we've now put the Dirty WHOers rating system online (as well as the obligatory Dirty WHOers drinking game).

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Come say 'ello, and cheers again for putting up with us. It's like care in the community.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Some thoughts on Doctor Who fans calling other fans "negative."

This season I keep reading fan's posts labeling other fans as "negative" because they didn't like a story or even this season. These "negative" nay-sayers have dared to be honest and critical.

Does that mean they don't like Doctor Who?

   Yeah, I wanted to like this week's story, "Nightmare in Silver," I really did(me and Neil Gaiman have a thing, he just doesn't know about it and that’s the way we like it.) But there was a lot that let me down, didn't grip me and annoyed me. Even simply the way the characters were behaving was somehow off to me. I don't want to get into it(off topic, believe it or not), but this was my gut feeling as it finished. Before it started, I had built it up to two friends who were there watching along with me. Afterwards, they asked if I had enjoyed it. I said "meh". Immediately the floodgates opened and they jumped in with "Oh good, because we thought it didn't compare to other good Doctor Who stories, but we didn't want to offend you." It's so sweet they didn't want to offend my fanatical Whovian sensibilities, but I can take it. They then proceeded to rake it over the coals, beyond my own personal objections to the story.

   Hey, say what you like. You are free to express yourself. If you don't like something I like, that's alright. Some people don't like chocolate(WHAT!?). Does that make them "negative"? The only negativity present is when people try to deny others the right to 'not like' a certain story and voice their opinions(This works for life in general). The irony is that they use the word "negative" to somehow discourage, disparage, or censor the people that disagree with their positive experience of the story. Voicing a preference in any direction, positive or negative, should not be labeled a negative act. It may be a negative reaction or opinion, but the person is not being negative. 'Negative' is not allowing others to express another opinion, or thinking their differing opinion somehow lessens yours.  He/she is sharing a preference and this is a constructive act, a positive act, an act of trust in others to listen with respect, regardless of any personal views. Additional viewpoints strengthen everyone. Your views don't invalidate my thoughts on the subject and vice-versa. This sharing of opinions is what makes a community strong, open, and intelligent. The TARDIS goes anywhere in Space and Time and so can our minds.

   Also, having a bit of humor in your heart helps when someone tells you 'Love and Monsters' is one of their favorite Doctor Who stories(WHAT?!).

Seriously, WTF?

     ~ Terry Lightfoot. ;-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 56

Roll up. Roll up. See the wastrels review another episode. Be amazed as they pay homage to the Pertwee era. Marvel as they talk about 'Carnival of Monsters' [1973]. Witness them slur their vowels and forget what they were talking about...

Once again we gather together in the customs room of fate (thanks to The Profs editing) to froth on about lighting farts, Gallifreyan bureaucracy, sweaty plastic hats, the spy skills of Katy Manning and fist fighting with Harry, pen toppers that eat space ships, missing UNIT family members, f'words while filming or it's for keeps, the subtle social messages of Robert Holmes, flappy bald things, nail clippers up the ass, and some stuff about Doctor Who.

Are we boring when we agree? Mercifully, it's very short. Remember, If y'need it, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system, and the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

This is therapy. Thanks for listening.

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