Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dirty Whoers Podcast - Episode 96

Welcome, Citizens of the Planet Earth, to our slightly boozy review of Frontier in Space [1973].

Not seen this one? It's online HERE.

Ninety-six episodes and this is the first one where we had to take a piss-break. Seriously, this is a quarter of what we recorded.

A 6-episode sci-fi romp for the Third Doctor and Jo Grant, in the 10th anniversary year, getting off-planet this season and after ‘Carnival of Monsters’ and leading directly into ‘Planet of the Daleks’. This is Katie’s last season. It helps to think of this as ‘The Ogron Years’ - where even the most neanderthal of stuntmen could get lines of dialogue at Equity rates. This was the last appearance by Roger Delgado before he died only a few months later. Brand new sonic screwdriver in this one that serves the Doctor all the way until Visitation.

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Keep safe, and keep watching the classics.

The Dirty WHOers.



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