Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dirty Whoers Podcast - Episode 95

How do, folks? 

Time for our review of a bit of classic, Face of Evil [1977].

Right in the middle of the golden years, Big Tom at (arguably) his characterful best, first trip out for Terry’s favourite (Louise Jameson as Leela), the much-acclaimed season 14.

Will contain spoilers. May contain nuts. 4 episodes, totalling 100 minutes. A fine cast of scantily clad male thespians skipping around a jungle set delivering their lines with the utmost sincerity like they were on stage at The Globe. Is Leela the only woman in this? There might be another one when they’re getting set up to attack the wall... because that raises a whole heap of unwholesome questions. Not seen this one? Check it out here.

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Keep safe, and here's raising a glass to you and yours.

The Dirty WHOers.



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