Monday, August 30, 2021

Dirty Whoers Podcast - Episode 97

Greetings Wholigans, hope life is treating you kindly.

It’s been a wee-while, but RL pressures y’know. Still, welcome to (mercifully) under 30 minutes of our intermittent nit-picking about the historical output of the BBC.

This time we’re going back to the 17th Century and 'The Visitation' [1982] – a period tale of plague, goings-on in the country, androids, yokels with pitchforks, criminal lizard/fish aliens and, in the final few minutes, the Great Fire of London.

Not seen it? Check it out before you check the podcast out.

Waterhouse, Sutton, and Fielding. Directed by Peter Moffatt (5 Doctors, 2 Doctors, stuff with vets), and written by Erik Saward (Resurrection, Revelation, and jury service on Trial of a Timelord). 4 episodes, totalling 100 minutes. Produced by the John Nathan Turner, and it’s that strange and unfulfilling Whovian middle ground just before everyone else tuned out. Come and join our pain.

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Keep safe, and keep watching the classics.

The Dirty WHOers.


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