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If you could produce Doctor Who, what would you do?

Doctor Who is an all inclusive format. You can take the Doctor anywhere or anyplace in Time and Space. You can change out the characters, the main actor can change. You can even take away his TARDIS for a few seasons (those darn Timelords). What would you do with the show?

Sputters and Lightfoot WHOre themselves out to the 'Doctor Who: Podshock' podcast along with Victor1st Mornington and Saffia Widdershins. In the "Oncoming Storm Edition" featuring a panel discussion, "What Would YOU Do? What Would WHO Do?" from our meet up last week in Second Life with Louis Trapani as the moderator. He's a patient man..


Anonymous August 31, 2011 at 9:11 AM  

I would probably make a 180 degree turn in Doctor Who.

First. I have toyed with several ideas on this next part of my er dream Doctor Who. I guess the merger of my many ideas on this next part would look like this:
Doctor Who starts. Except its Paul McGann's theme. As the viewers are stunned suddenly the name "Paul McGann" Flashes down the Time Vortex then followed by the Paul McGann Doctor Who "Font" for the Title instead of the 11th Doctor Who "Font".

The scene opens with Doctor Who on a table with 3 other Time Lords looking down at him. Paul McGann looks up and says, the last thing he remembered is being shot by an Astronaut. To which the Time Lord, TT says, that was all an invention of the Master which whom we have just defeated. Dax and Romana are the other two Time Lords.
Paul McGann: "But But what about the Time War?"
Romana "Never happened all in your head, a cruel act of the Master."
Paul McGann: "But But you were Lord President, Romana?"
Romana "Again, Doctor, all in your head..."

Yes I would bring back Paul McGann. and we would start with the 8th Doctor and then maybe after 3 or so years of what I call standard Doctor Who episodes (Standard being a good written story broken up into 4 or more 25 minute parts) The person who played the 9th doctor (Whom I can never remember the spelling to his name) would be offered to come back and play the Doctor as long as he wanted. I would lock him in a contract for 3 years so this time he would get to play the Doctor longer.

So I would have the Time Lords still living and appearing as they did in The Arc of Infinity. The Time War would never have happened and the Master, Played by the same actor from The End of Time would be the main villian.

What do you think?

Magnum Serpentine

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