Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 32

This is what happens when the lunatics run the asylum.

Er, really?
We asked the folks on our Facebook Page which episode we should review next, and they chose Pyramids of Mars. Naturally, being his favourite, Sputters got a bit excited. In fact we all did, and we may have lost it around the middle. Actually, some of us may have drunk a bit too much vino, and it kind of descends into a bit of a rambling love-fest for all things Sutekh and Robert Holmes, but what the hell, it's mercifully short and it's free. Bless the Prof for the time in the edit suite, again.

32 episodes. We really need a life...


HeadBurro Antfarm September 14, 2011 at 11:15 AM  

Lovely, thank you. I listened to this at work and googled the episode - the whole thing was on youtube so I watched it whilst doing very boring spreadsheets and liked it so much I ordered it from Watched it with The Boy who liked it a lot - he was a little confused by the Doc's new/old look but let it pass after a couple of explanations and a description of jelly babies (he's 5, such things are important).

Recommend some more and I'll get them too :)

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