Friday, August 19, 2011

City of Death, and Some Other Stuff

A few new Doctor Who action figures out worth shouting about this week, which makes a change.

Let's start with the Classic stuff, another Forbidden Planet one-off. The 'City of Death' collectors set.

You get 'Big Tom', all open-shirted and in his prime, with obligatory sonic, plus (minor geek-gasum) the frightfully dapper Count Scarleoni with Scaroth Jagaroth interchangable head, pistol, and 'painting accessory' (whatever that means, it's not in the picture) for the relatively light anal damage of £26.99. Pre-order now for deliver after October 19th. Yes, I'll be having one. Feckers may as well have a direct debit out of my bank account for the classic tat.

Also this week there's been an addition to the new series collection, now on 20011 Wave 2 (or Series 5-6 Figure Wave 2a/b, depending how keen you are on keeping things in packets). There's kinda 2 lots, just to add to the confusion and to try and stop us going on about the last lot being so inexcusably shit. A ball-ache for collectors, in summing up they are, sorta:

  • Idris with 1 (or more, it's complicated) Psychic Container and River Song 'flesh mask' and 'flesh sachet'.
  • The Astronaut kid girl thing, and 'The Legs' 'flesh mask', plus another 'flesh sachet'.
  • River MILF with a 'flesh mask' with probably another 'flesh sachet'.
  • Ganger Brown Shoes 11th Doctor with 'flesh mask' and (guess what) 'flesh sachet'.
  • Matty-boy Doctor with 11th Doctor 'flesh mask' and the inevitable 'flesh sachet'.
  • Uncle Bollocks with Pond 'flesh mask' and (you guessed it) 'spunk sachet'.

Parents are going to be trying to get gooey white crap and spurious stains out of the hearth rug for years to come. Still no Rory, god knows why, but a River Song (all be her a bit slap-headed), and The Astronaut's ok to play with in the bath I suppose. £8.99 each. Worth it for the Idris, and at least a bit better than the first release.


The Bumbler August 27, 2011 at 7:56 AM  


I'd like to include your podcast in the podcast section of my WhoNews iPhone app but wanted to check with you first. I'm currently including it for test purposes but my new version of WhoNews will go live within the week.

Many thanks

Paul Gee

Unknown August 27, 2011 at 7:32 PM  

Well, I'll pass your question on to Sputnik, but I wouldn't think it'd be a problem. :-)

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