Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neil Gaiman Teases 'The Doctor's Wife'

Yes, Neil Gaiman teases 'The Doctor's Wife' calling her names and pulling her pigtails...
Morgan Jeffery from Digital Spy interviews legendary fantasy author Neil Gaiman about the upcoming Doctor Who episode he scripted.

Warning: Spoilers.

More spoilery theories and speculation: 
I'm very excited as it sounds like they'll finally do the pocket universe idea that was used in the 8th Doctor novels. I've always thought that it was a perfect way to circumnavigate what Russel T. Davies did to Gallifrey. Pocket universes are good places to hide...things...or people. I won't go into it further, and just keep my fingers crossed. AND it sounds like we finally get to see more of the TARDIS. 


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