Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fake Christmas Trailer + The Making Of Video

Everyone got incredibly excited on the net when people began tweeting, posting, etc. about this awesome (fake) BBC 2010 Christmas Trailer posted on YouTube by dwcast25. I actually followed a link by someone(don't ask me who, I can't remember or I would credit them) who was already calling it a fake. However, another DirtyWHOer who shall remain nameless saw the "trailer" and didn't know, and of course like the rest of the whovian throngs, excitedly tweeted it as the BBC Christmas Trailer.

So I'm like: "Nah, duuude. It's just an awesome fake."
And so the other person's like: "Oh."
(how's that for clever script writing? No? ...right. Sorry.)

BUT, to stray back to my point:
It's an AWESOME fake trailer! So keeping that in mind, I post the Trailer version below and below that the even AWESOMER "The Making of" the fake 'Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2010 Trailer - BBC', which is really fun and interesting to watch. He shows from where the various pre-existing elements of this trailer were taken and how he tweaked them.
Terrific job.


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