Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deleted Scene from Neil Gaiman's 'Doctor Who' Episode

Neil Gaiman reports in his blog the ongoing evolution of his script for the coming season of Doctor Who. Now on it's tenth draft his script has been edited and pared down until "Anything that wasn't moving the plot forward has gone."
He says, "It hasn't really changed that much. It just gets tighter and, I hope, more like itself. Slowly, draft by draft, it's being turned up to eleven." He talks of how Steven Moffat helped him get through the worst of the editing process and about a scene that was cut out back during the 6th draft of the script in which the Doctor eats a bowl of possibly alien food.

The exerpt begins:

Is it something people can eat?
(to Doctor)
Shouldn’t you scan it with your screwdriver or something?

Why would I scan food with my screwdriver?

and continues on for a nice little descriptive punchline at the end. Go read the complete scene on Mr. Gaiman's blog.


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