Friday, May 29, 2020

Dirty Whoers Podcast - Episode 87

It's time for us to review the final episode of Big Tom, Logopolis [1981].

The Doc and Algebra Boy go to Logopolis to repair the chameleon circuit, because maths, not knowing that a cricketer is waiting for him to fall off Jodrell Bank. Something about a TARDIS in a TARDIS and Nyssa's dad.

The new team, Sputters, Tabby, Sen and Terry, are doing our best to knock a new one out once a month, so fingers crossed for another one soon.

We have a new addition to our Dirty WHOers drinking game and if you need it, here's our rating system. Shout out if you think a Logopolitan is a cocktail or an ice cream, and what the ingredients would be.

Not seen Logopolis? Opinion is divided as to whether you should. Check it out HERE.

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Keep safe.

The Dirty WHOers x


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