Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 76

This time around we shoot the breeze on 'Into the Dalek [2014] and chat about the usual bickering fluff. It won't win any awards, but it's mercifully short.

Say hello tot he top layer. The radiation quandary. Clara the harsh b'atch. 80's X-men cosplay blargh. Ripping kids. A Field in England (only 10% bollocks). The perils of standing while editing (which I'm doing right now while i'm writing this). The soldier quandary. A Big Finish with Dirty WHOers - heart and soul but no beard. Kinda shit for Terrence. Why are people sarcastic? Crunching gear-changes? Verbalization. Don't suppress, delete! A lack of Dalek goodness. Hartnell and Baker? Dark quotes - not human. A homage to Invisible Enemy, or Carnival of Monsters, or Fantastic Voyage, or whatever. Like pheasants. Nobody reads this shit so I can write whatever I like here - S. Capaldi rocks. Actually they do, and could you make this description any fucking longer? - T. Lying off and coming back. Would you let an 8 year find out that heroes have a dark side? You're NO Babs and Sir Ian. Poo'd out by a Dalek. A lot of Times Champion. Actually T, yeah, I probably could, is that a challenge? - S. Did we get our moral education from Who? More of the same. Why am I here? No one pays us for this shit y'know - S.

All hail The Prof for the usual masterful (but not Missy) edit and Saint Xtofer for manning the helm over on Facebook. We're all over Twitter, and Terry is a veritable diva at Google Plus. Don't forget our Dirty WHOers rating system (should you find yourself confused) and the Dirty WHOers drinking game (should you not find yourself confused enough).

Enjoy ;)


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