Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 73

Hello again, fellow Whovians.

Only two weeks between podcasts? It's a miracle. Time for us to take a shufty at the Tom Baker '77 classic, Image of the Fendahl.

Salty squirting. It's all in a (town) name. Upsetting the dog. Mrs. Poo. Mick Jaggers house. The confusion of Licorice Allsorts. Padding free. Sen being the age of Oolons shoes. Like vinegar on Slaveen. Kick ass make-up. Lovecraft slugs. Leela and pikeys. The asteroid belt and Timelord shenanigans? The DW festive episode? More infamous than famous. Industrial relations and cheese. Beware of any humming. Being small. Telling someone it's glowing. Benedict Cumberbatch's mum. Front bottoms. Feels like RTD? K-9 on grass. Growing up next to time rifts. The definition of 'Meh' Including action figures). Serious Big Tom - and not yet bonkers. Soft spots for prawns.

Thankfully the Prof is back on editing duty, so it's remarkably coherent. All hail The Prof, he's a star. Big shout out to Chris ;)

Here's a gun. The only way out might be to shoot yourself at the end.


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