Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 45

We're really, really,  really, really sorry.

This is probably our WORST EPISODE EVER, which has nothing to do with last years lovely Whooverville guests Maurice Roëves (of The Caves of Androzani fame) nor Tristan Peatfield (new series production designer and cocktail officianado, with his son Louis) that we crow-barred in as a saving grace.

We tried to review 'Bad Wolf' & 'The Parting of the Ways' [2005], but we had sound problems and just couldn't be bothered. Apathy struck us hard, and we thought "sod it, it's free, they won't mind". In the end we just bickered for a bit, talked about farting aliens, the dangers of travelling in time and space, Rose being a bitch (or not), stopped and started a lot, some Buck Rodgers, Sen tried to reach though Skype and 'shit down Oolon's neck', a big plug for Whooverville 4, rolled the Wheel of Who, a few serious minutes and a raising of the glasses to the glamorous Mary Tamm and feisty Romana I, then we left it at that.

Don't forget the drinking game. On the plus side this ones' not very long and the Prof did wonders with it considering.


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