Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 43

We'd like to dedicate this episode to the loverly Caroline John, who sadly recently passed away.

Long overdue, it's time for our review of The Five Doctors [1983]. A mixed opinion from the usual team of Yanks and Limeys, but probably the single most quotable Who episode ever. A veritable  shmorgers board of Who from the Davidson era way back to (sort of) Hartnell.

We talk trials and tributes, inoculations, Vimto, value, Raston Robots, tripping over, and the madness of Big Tom. Kudos and props to The Prof, as ever, for his usual masterful turd polishing.

It's free, and thankfully mercifully short.


Jeffrey Scott July 13, 2012 at 2:20 PM  

I've always loved the 5 Doctors. Or to be more precise, the 3.5 Doctors. Of course my love is always after overlooking some of the ridiculous aspects of the episode. As much as I loved seeing the Cybermen destroyed by the Master's trickery (classic Master deception), the aspect of using pi and the checkerboard for the delivery were utter rubbish. Still, the following line always cracks me up.
Doctor: "As easy as pie? As easy as pie?"
Tegan: "That's what he said."
Doctor: "No he didn't! He said easy as pi, the Greek letter pi!"
I think Tegan would have been a great companion for the first Doctor. Also the Raston Warrior robot has instilled a fond memory of my youth. Most of my friends never watched Doctor Who, but one day I had a group of friends over and had them watch the part where the Raston destroys all the Cybermen. My friends loved that bit so much, we made paper Chinese stars and re-enacted the scene several times over. Each one of us taking turns being the Raston Warrior Robot. Good Times.
Great episode, keep up the fantastic job!
Jeffrey Scott

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