Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 39 & 39a

Fiesta Readers Daleks
And lo it came to pass, in a flurry of (almost) competent podcasting activity, we did take a shufty at 'Dalek' from Christopher Eccleston's much under-rated tennure as the Doctor back in 2005.

And lo the Proff did edit, and he found it good, but a bit sweary as usual.

And lo the audience did find we did deviate from the designated narrative - yet found it mercifully short and cost nowt. There was much rejoicing.

Written by (the terribly accommodating) Rob Shearman we've also got one of Fuschias stalking moments to go along with this - it was a bit long if we shoved them together, so it's included as an extra (below). Episode 39a, if ya like. Money back if not entirely satisfied.


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