Friday, July 29, 2011

Boring Figures Announced, but Idris at Last.

Idris (finally) and Uncle (lame) to go with your Junk Yard TARDIS this morning in the Wave 2 2011 release. Also, oddly, Doctor with Beard (gee kids, don't the rocking beardy mad-man look fun to play with), (plastic/flesh, trust us) Doctor with Stetson, and a of couple of Silents (yawn, then insert flashing palm joke here).

Some cool. Some decidedly average. We still don't have a plain clothes Rory, but at least we're getting a River Song in the Panopticon Chair Set. If you want our 2 cents, we'll be buying Idris and sod the rest. Uncle will be the collectable one in the future, cos no on will buy him, and we vote Silents as most likely to be seen in a child's colonic x-ray in the near future. Go consume.


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