Friday, April 8, 2011

Doctor WHO Ketchup

Just to catchup with a bunch of "news", all at once. Relatively Newest news first. Then the 'Not Really News Anymore News' last. We're lazy time travellers here and the temporal mechanics of life can occasionally make it tough to blog.
Frankly, I'm not sure this is news at all as much as BBC PR. In any case, there are some spoilers and trailers and lastly, the red nose charity episodes, in case there's anyone left on the planet that's not seen them. I just thought, I should post them, for the record(It is canon, now, after all).
Let's see...

Ooooh! SHINY: From the BBC Doctor Who website, fun desktop wallpaper images, promo pics, etc.

Not really a spoiler: The BBC Doctor Who website also features a brief Steven Moffat interview: 'All Aboard the Ghost Train!'. The interview doesn't spoil much. Mostly teases the hell out of it, making you want to go find spoilers.

Not sure this really counts as a spoiler? An Extended Trailer:

and another shorter trailer featuring a large blue alien with a definitely villainous laugh(Doctor Who Series 6 CBBC Trailer):

Some Spoilery stuff: ...Nah, don't watch this if you don't want spoilers. Move down a couple items. 
It's not terribly spoilery but there are some short clips from the upcoming series, coupled with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan interviews about filming the season.

Spoilery story summaries: BBC Doctor Who website features a story synopsis for the first and second episodes of the series, 'The Impossible Astronaut' and 'Day of the Moon'. Click on that BBC link to go there directly and spoil yourself. Ahem.

..And now for the 'Not Really News Anymore News':  The Red Nose Day Episode!
Red Nose day, as Comic Relief is sometimes referred to, is a traditional(sorta) British charity event. Lots of silly comedic skits, sketches, and shows, etc., to raise funds to help relieve famine in Africa. There is usually a Doctor Who segment included. And here is this year's Comic Relief episode, a two parter:


Doctor Who Ketchup. Shoot. Now I'm craving fries.


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