Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leeds or Nothing

In our continuing odyssey of travelling about a bit and getting people to say silly things, the Prof and I ventured down to the Thought Bubble comic convention in...

Okay, so it wasn't predominantly about Dr Who, though there were a lot of Dr Who comics and a lot of people dressed as young Mr Smith (fezzes and bow ties as far as the eye could see). Tony Lee of IDW comics was supposed to be there, but sadly wasn't (he writes Dr Who stuff, in case you didn't know). Still, we managed to maintain a fairly Who-y theme in spite of all the other comic-y nonsense going on around us.

Our first triumph of the day was interviewing Mr Paul Cornell. As with all the writers we met last weekend, he's lovely and very kindly agreed to talk to us even though he doesn't do Dr Who interviews anymore. Its just as well we rarely ask anyone about Dr Who, really (bit odd perhaps for a Dr Who podcast but then, there you go, that's us all over). He's nearly as easily broken as Teedles and was a pleasure to talk to. We'll include that interview with the Dimensions Crimble Specials for a fair old festive line-up.

We finally got the chance to meet the wonderful and talented Abby Ryder and Dave Bulmer of Dumpy Little Robot. You can see Dave's rather nice legless David Tennant piccie here. The Prof and I challenged Dave to draw a leggy Matt Smith, which was quite handy as he'd been plotting one for a while, apparently. There's even a duck, Pond!

Now Terry has mentioned our next artist, John Allison on Twitter, but didn't put the piccie up on here. Needless to say, we own this one now (if you want to own it, it can be found in all its loveliness here)

Not too shabby for a non-Who convention, eh?

Next week, lets hope Cubicle 7 have the updated version of the Dr Who roleplaying game (or at least news of it) at Dragonmeet or the Prof isn't getting a Crimble pressie this year...


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