Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Katy Manning returns to Jo Grant

Mr. Sputnik just recently met Miss Manning at Whooverville and was terribly impressed by how nice and charming she was. She's finally joined the modern world with her own website, despite claiming to be computer illiterate. Here I've included part of her Q&A page where she talks about her experience reprising her Jo Grant role from Doctor Who on 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'. I've only included a few bits of it, so definitely go visit her site at http://www.katy-manning.co.uk/ , check out the rest of the interview and submit more questions!

Q&A with Katy

Q. You recently filmed two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures as Jo Grant.  What was it like playing Jo again?  Did you slip back into her skin easily?
Katy Q&A
Katy: Incredibly easily. I was really surprised at how it all came back, and how quickly I felt like Jo again. It was a genuine pleasure to be playing her once more.
Q. How do you think Jo has changed since she left the Doctor at the end of The Green Death?
You'll have to watch the programme to see what I mean, but Russell T Davies has done a wonderful job of showing how Jo has developed over the years. You can still see the young and awestruck girl she was, but that's been tempered by experience and maturity - not replaced, but tempered.
Q. Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith was the person who stepped into your shoes – or platforms – after you left the series.  How was it working with her?
Katy: Fantastic. Liz and I never actually worked together on Doctor Who, but we've got to know each other well over the years. We're always bumping into each other at conventions. 
In terms of how Jo and Sarah Jane got on - you'll have to watch the show to see if there was any friction, or if it was plain sailing. Read more at www.katy-manning.co.uk


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