Friday, August 31, 2012

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 46

Here we are again, and all hail another Prof edit of awesomeness.

Mercifully better than the last time, this episode we ponder upon Tom Bakers (arguably) finest season, and the episode 'The Robots of Death' [1977]. Annoying cousins, blue cars and boats, the usual rating and tipping shenanigans, art and colonic irrigation, fashion, the difference between small and really far away, seasonal awesomeness, mice in wainscoting, yada, yada.

Gird your liver for another round of the Dirty WHOers Drinking Game, and don't forget we're also on Facebook, 'n Google Plus, n shit. Plus, ignore Sputters, he will be at Whooverville 4 in Derby on Saturday (and you should be too).



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