Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 79

Yeah, it's been a while, we know. This was recorded AGES ago and Terry and Sputters have finally cobbled an edit together (thanks guys, top work).

This time, however, is a bit special; Our good friend St. Xtofer (of Facebook fame) joins the usual alcoholic ramblings to add his erudite yet mystical and ancient opinion into the mix as we take a shufty at 'Time Heist' [2014].

It's fair to say we may deviate a touch from the brief in this one, but sod it.

Saint Xtofer has been doing his usual valiant work on our Facebook Page, so it's good to let him out of his cave to play. Don't forget we're also over on Twitter and on Google Plus (can the last one out please turn off the lights?).

Should you be as confused about the Dirty WHOers rating system as Terry, there's a copy online.

Seriously, does anyone still listen to this? We have no way of knowing.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 78

Finally we're getting around to our review of the Steven Moffat/Douglas Mackinnon offering, 'Listen' [2014].

We recorded this way back when it first came out but lives have got in the way of editing of late so you'll have to bear with us. On reflection, some of our ideas about future episodes may have been a bit wayward, but sod it.

Labelled as "possibly Moffat's most terrifying episode to date", we take a shufty at the unfortunate tent shape in the bed, toy soldiers and all things Gallifeyan.

Terrance and Sputters on the edit this time around. Cheers peeps. Stirling work. Also, big thanks to our wandering hermit Saint Xtofer who's doing a stirling job helping us with things on Facebook (and so, indirectly, on Twitter and on Google Plus). Remember, if you're so inclined, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game for shits and giggles.

Did we mention electricity vodka?


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 77

We've a shed loads of these waiting to edit now, but this trip around we mumble our way through 'Robot of Sherwood' [2014] (yes, that one) c/o the reluctant editing skills of Lightfoot and Sputters.

A lot of fluff and meandering in this one. Such is life. Prepare y'self for some strong opposed opinions and fair chunk of bitching about bugger all. Basically, right 'on brand' for us. Beware the annoying sound of Sputters rocks.

Big thanks also to Saint Xtofer (who'll be joining us for one of these soon - it's sat waiting for us to edit - sorry bud, nearly there) for his sterling work over on BookFace. and to Terry for her work over at Goober Plus. If you actually do care how the rating system works, good luck with that. Don't forget the drinking game and, if you're so inclined, we're also venting our spleen on Twatter.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 76

This time around we shoot the breeze on 'Into the Dalek [2014] and chat about the usual bickering fluff. It won't win any awards, but it's mercifully short.

Say hello tot he top layer. The radiation quandary. Clara the harsh b'atch. 80's X-men cosplay blargh. Ripping kids. A Field in England (only 10% bollocks). The perils of standing while editing (which I'm doing right now while i'm writing this). The soldier quandary. A Big Finish with Dirty WHOers - heart and soul but no beard. Kinda shit for Terrence. Why are people sarcastic? Crunching gear-changes? Verbalization. Don't suppress, delete! A lack of Dalek goodness. Hartnell and Baker? Dark quotes - not human. A homage to Invisible Enemy, or Carnival of Monsters, or Fantastic Voyage, or whatever. Like pheasants. Nobody reads this shit so I can write whatever I like here - S. Capaldi rocks. Actually they do, and could you make this description any fucking longer? - T. Lying off and coming back. Would you let an 8 year find out that heroes have a dark side? You're NO Babs and Sir Ian. Poo'd out by a Dalek. A lot of Times Champion. Actually T, yeah, I probably could, is that a challenge? - S. Did we get our moral education from Who? More of the same. Why am I here? No one pays us for this shit y'know - S.

All hail The Prof for the usual masterful (but not Missy) edit and Saint Xtofer for manning the helm over on Facebook. We're all over Twitter, and Terry is a veritable diva at Google Plus. Don't forget our Dirty WHOers rating system (should you find yourself confused) and the Dirty WHOers drinking game (should you not find yourself confused enough).

Enjoy ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 75

Hola peeps.

They're coming thick and fast, these podcasts. New season, an' all. This time around we cast a critical eye over 'Deep Breath' as we bitch and moan and slur our words through episode 808.

Where the hell is Victorian Torchwood? Underused hat pins. Clock work numpties resolved too quick? Buying into a 3D Clara, or is she already ruined. Talking to anything. Plotflangium, like Dalekanium. Lucky regeneration episodes. Is the Doctor there yet? Strax, a waste of precious oxygen that is so defective he should be put down. Like the twittering of a bird. The actual size of a T-Rex (crack a book) - back to Pertwee and not 'Walking With'. Sloppy? Reassuring the fan girls. Things you excuse first time around. Hitting us over the head with lesbians? - more people upset about cake. She was ready to like it. Only a years contract. Being around teenagers. Picking faces, not noses. Mat Smith says it's ok to like Capaldi. Forgetting every incarnation she's already met. Was it two episodes? Not the Rani: No matter what she is she will be awful and disappointing, but at least not obtrusive. Cheesy lizards. Making horse shit believable. Not much mopping up.

Bless The Prof, as ever, for sterling work and his blatant audacity.

A hearty salute to Saint Xtofer (our wondering wise hermit) for helping keep folks entrained over on Facebook. We're all over Twitter and Google Plus. Don't forget (like Terry does) if you need to know our rating system it's here on our blog.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 74

So, here we are again. Brace y'selves for 'The Unquiet Dead' [2005].

Like the Dukes of Hazard. Does Billy know who it was? A twitch of the ear. Follow on rifts. Bondage Daleks leave him cold. Sputters loves Fushia (apparently). U-Boat Captains guilt. He should have railings around him. We'd all be god-smacked by Dickens in our carriage. Just sayin'. She said Bush. Artificial Touchwood vs the purity of Who. We should all be watching the same thing! The gay guy who dies in four weddings. The chances of a pure historical? Going back for Edwin Drood. Barberella and the bins. A thing for turning hookers. Make it a two parter - put more adverts in it?! The same level again - inside the WHOniverse. What makes Sputters cry? - too much whiskey? The jumper. A very big thank you - it could have been Christopher Biggins. Who would you cosplay at a convention? Waiting for the last Sarah Jane. So posh Welsh she doesn't have an accent. The crack, again. Where he needs to go. Victorian gas. Timey Wimey NOT! Terry is strongest. Our Gwen - well played! Has he gone yet?

A massive thank you, as ever, to the Prof, for turning another pigs ear into a silk purse. You are our editing hero (and Sputters had forgotten how much bloody work one of these things takes).

Thanks to Saint Xtofer and everyone over on our Facebook and Twitter, and Terry over at Google Plus. Should you give a damn, don't forget the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 73

Hello again, fellow Whovians.

Only two weeks between podcasts? It's a miracle. Time for us to take a shufty at the Tom Baker '77 classic, Image of the Fendahl.

Salty squirting. It's all in a (town) name. Upsetting the dog. Mrs. Poo. Mick Jaggers house. The confusion of Licorice Allsorts. Padding free. Sen being the age of Oolons shoes. Like vinegar on Slaveen. Kick ass make-up. Lovecraft slugs. Leela and pikeys. The asteroid belt and Timelord shenanigans? The DW festive episode? More infamous than famous. Industrial relations and cheese. Beware of any humming. Being small. Telling someone it's glowing. Benedict Cumberbatch's mum. Front bottoms. Feels like RTD? K-9 on grass. Growing up next to time rifts. The definition of 'Meh' Including action figures). Serious Big Tom - and not yet bonkers. Soft spots for prawns.

Thankfully the Prof is back on editing duty, so it's remarkably coherent. All hail The Prof, he's a star. Big shout out to Chris ;)

Here's a gun. The only way out might be to shoot yourself at the end.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 72

This time around we shoot the breeze on 'Sontaran Experiment' [1975] and chat about the usual bickering fluff. I won't win any awards, but it's mercifully short.

Luring humans to an empty planet. Snorkel Parkers. Death by fart. Buying council grit bins - a bit out of vogue. Johnny falling down the well. Enough Tom for everybody. The awesomeness of Ian and Liz. Tom's broken bone. What makes a story arch instead of just a connection? A distinct lack of corridors. Brummie and South African accents. More than just a filler? Councillors v's Cardinals. Paddington buttons. Sarah's wellies. Robin Day or Admiral Ackbar? Fear of humans and the rise of Galactic Empire. Laughable hallucinogenics. Minimal universal destruction. Blackpool anecdotes and Brit nostalgia. The 'Axe' effect? Two stuntmen scrapping. Harry's initiative. But first, bureaucratic stuff...

Sputters stepping in again on the edit while the Prof was away on his hollibobs.

Bless Saint Xtofer (our new Temporal Engineer) is kickin' ass with us over on Facebook. We're all over Twitter, and Terrance ios a hero at the old Google Plus. Don't forget we've got the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game if you can take it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dirty WHOers Podcast - Episode 71

Hola peeps.

Sputters was knackered and we were a bit subdued - we recorded this one months ago but technical bobbo (a can of Red Bull over Sputters MacBook Air) has thwarted an earlier release - but it's mercifully short.

This time around we cast a bleary eye over the 1972, third Doctor outing, 'Day of the Daleks'.

We discuss the cuteness of Ogrons (better than Pig Men - never happened) and Greg Evigan. Special edition special effects. Spies, tight knots and escapology. The Doctors blaster skills. Futuristic futon furniture. Paradox's done properly. The Terminator. Billie Pipers Irish accent. The Space Tricycle pile of shit. The theft of vino. Lightfoots 'special' voice. The initial seeding of the notion that that a time traveller cannot "redo" an act that he/she has or she previously taken. All hail The Brig. Pure Jon style. Daleks v's John Stewart. The sheer enjoyment of Katie's outfit. Blah, blah.

Big thanks to Lightfoot for the tidy-up and to Sputters place of work for the loan of the MacBook.

Saint Xtofer (Temporal Engineer of extreme magnitude) is now helping out over on Facebook, so we're a regular as a dose of syrup of fig. We're all over Twitter, and on Google Plus. Plus, if thou be so inclined, here's the Dirty WHOers rating system and the Dirty WHOers drinking game for reference.

Monday, July 28, 2014

No flirting? Thank Fuck..

Yeah, if Malcom Tucker were a fan I'm sure he'd say that.. 
There's a very interesting Peter Capaldi Sunday Times interview(via Blogtor Who) in which he states:
"There'll be no flirting, that's for sure," Capaldi said. "It's not what this Doctor's concerned with. It's quite a fun relationship, but no, I did call and say, 'I want no Papa-Nicole moments. I think there was a bit of tension with that at first, but I was absolutely adamant."
This is a big deal for the fans, a big change in the direction of the new Doctor Who. Some whovians will hate this and others, like me, love this. 
   Since the eighth Doctor kissed Grace, for no reason at all, really, Doctor Who fandom has been debating the value of sexualizing the Doctor. If it's used with great restraint and with purpose, it works. We know because Rose's relationship with the Doctor was well done, tasteful and seemed to have a purpose within the development of the Doctor's character, as a traumatized war survivor learning to enjoy life again; Great. However, having Martha, then Amy, then River, then Clara also fancy him and "steal" kisses,(oh so, then, it's not his fault, chicks can't help themselves!) sucked the fun out of the Doctor-companion relationships and the adventure. Donna was one of the best new companions for a reason. We got to know Donna in her own right, not as someone whose self fulfillment and identity was entirely dependent on whether a thousand plus years old alien fancied her. An equal friendship made their adventures just as gripping or more than other new Who companions. 
   It also suits the Doctor's character so much better. He doesn't spend his time turning down flirtatious advances he couldn't possibly care about(sorry, but he's how old?!) and he can focus on the companion as an equal rather than someone he has to keep at an arms length - True companionship and friendship. Not to mention the writers can't go very far with a romance which means that eventually a love interest has to be dumped. RTD did it well with Rose and bringing back the series, but it devalues Rose's significance if every subsequent storyline has the Doctor kissing female companions. Those kisses also become meaningless and the Doctor just starts seeming a bit of a cad, instead of a hero.    I'd rather have the hero. 

Maybe you aren't such a good man, Doctor, but Capaldi might just put you right again.

~ The opinions expressed on this post represent my own and not those of any other Dirty WHOer. ;-)

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